Midas' Touch


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You said you liked me
That my voice is so sweet
That i'm a really nice girl

You said you think i'm pretty
And got criativity
But that's not enough

You don't want me
No matter what i do
No matter how hard i try to do what you want me to
You don't want me
No matter what i do
No matter what i do

Midas touch me
Turn me into gold
If you'd love me
Our problems would be solved

Midas touch me
This time i'll turn you into gold
And the curse will be cured

There are people talking
That you should join me
That we could win the world

Everybody sees it
And you keep denying
But i'll keep on trying
I just want to be loved

Here ain't feeling no good
The place is getting drowned in the mudd
You could do it better, you know you could
I would do it for you, you know i would

You should raise true art
The one that truly comes from the heart
Instead of trying so hard
To raise fading stars

Girl why did you get so far?
Because i wanna be a star

Girl how did you get those scars?
Trying to be you star

Look at me i'm shining like gold, like gold
I feel, i'm real, my soul will never be sold

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